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Mechanical mod VV & VW e cigarette is the most popular in the market
               With the fast development of electronic cigarette technology, many many new creative models are coming out everyday, in 2014, from January to now (June),  more and more people pay attention to Mechanical mod, The Mechanical mode with 18350, 18650 battery, help you enjoy smoking longer time and huge Vapor. Stable quality, exquisite design make mechanical mod be the most popular in the market.

Such as:  DNA 30, E-LVT, Vamo series, Vamo V5, Lavatube 2.0, K1000, E-pipe, KTS, innokin itaste 134, MVP 2.0, itaste SVD, itaste VV V3, Stinggray mod, X6 V2, Hummer mod.

According to the Function of the mechanical mod, we can devide  them 2 categories.

One is  the basic mechanical mod, the Voltage and Wattage can't be adjusted.

Another is the VV & VW mod, the Voltage and Wattage can be adjusted,  we call them Variable Voltage mechanical mod and Variable Wattage mechanical mod,  this kind is more popular.

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